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Municipal Council Vision

The Harry Gwala District Municipality strives to uplift the quality of life of its residents by providing sustainable infrastructure, water, health services, sanitation and social amenities through intergovernmental collaboration by 2010. There will be equitable distribution of land for residential, farming, investors and sports and recreation. Harry Gwala will be one of the Province's viable tourist destinations characterized by sustainable natural, social and economic environment. Its men, women, the elderly, disabled and youth will equally enjoy living in a safe and healthy environment.

Cllr. Z.D Nxumalo

Executive Mayor
Cllr. T.N Jojozi
Deputy Mayor
Cllr. M.S.D Mdunge
Cllr. N Mhatu
Chief Whip
Cllr. S.D. Bekwa
Executive Committee
Cllr. K.S Dlamini
Executive Committee
Cllr. Z. Tshangase
Executive Committee
Cllr. Z.M Ngidi
Cllr. X Memela
Cllr. T.S.H Gamede
Cllr. T.G Soni
Cllr. Z.R Tshazi
Cllr. P.N Damoyi
Cllr. P.K Memela
Cllr. N.W Dladla
Cllr. N.R Mtshali
Cllr. N.H Zaca
Cllr. N.H Malimela
Cllr. N Mda
Cllr. N Dlamini
Cllr. S.G Mkhize
Cllr. S.R.L Nzimande
Cllr. Z.P Dlamini
Cllr. H.V Msomi
Cllr. H.A Lukhozi
Cllr. B.R Memela
Cllr. B.L Marnce
Cllr. B Sibeni
iNkosi V.V Zimema
iNkosi M.S.I Zulu


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