Closing Registers

Upgrade of (Mamiesa Developments) 2.5 KM Long Pipeline from 160MM Diameter AC to 300MM Diameter UPVC
Upgrade of (CRU Development) 1.2KM 160 Diameter to 250MM Diameter
Upgrade of ( CBD AC Pipeline) 1.5KM Long Pipeline from 150MM Diameter AC to 200MM Diameter UPVC
Construction of Internal Bulk and Village Reticulation Infrastructure for the Villages of Gugwini (Matyeni and Mahobe)
Construction of Internal Bulk and Reticulation Infrastructure For The Villages of Gugwini(Mantuzeleni)
Municipal Supply Chain Management Training
Printing of Newsletter 2017-2018
Supply and Delivery of SUV
Supply and Delivery of Protective Clothing and Equipment
Plumbers Trade test Training
Refurbishment of 8ML Balancing Earth Dam and Access Road
Ncakubana Water Supply
Khukhulela Water Supply Construction of 500KL Reinforced Concrete Reservoir and Reticulation Network
Internal Auditing Skills Programme Re-Advert
Internal Auditing Skills Programme
Greater Summerfield Water Supply
Greater Nomandlovu Water Supply - Junction - Maxhini
Greater Nomandlovu Water Supply - Kwasokhela
Greater Nomandlovu Water Supply - Junction - Maphempeni
Executive Office Management and Meeting Management Training