Closing Registers

Procurement of desk-top computors 22-10-2015
Printing of 2015-2016 IDP
Office furniture 09-09-2015
Mkhunya water supply phase 3 construction of 500kl reservior,standpipe,pipeline and associated fittings in Nkweletsheni
Kwasenti water supply 08 2015
Kwasenti water supply 03 august 2015
Infrastructure projects within Harry Gwala for a period of 36 months 13-10-2015
Facilitation of basic computer training intervention for employees 09-09-2015
Facilitation of acccredated councillor training intervention for councillors 09-09-2015
Disaster relief material 03-11-2015
Development of office park on portion of the farm Elrton Ixopo 30-10-2015
Design and installation of signage 09-09-2015
Coordinator and project implementor for district marathon
Coordinator for media tour 30-09-2015
Consultants for detail design and project managing of rural horse riding within Harry Gwala 02-10-2015
Backup maintenance 03-11-2015
Tenders for 09/08/2015
Printing of 2015/16 sdip
Kwasenti water supply 08/2015
Kwasenti water supply 03 august 2015