Closing Registers

Supply, delivery, installation and testing of fire suppression system at Kokstad backup server room
Supply, delivery ,design and installation of 46 portraits
Supply water chemicals
Supply of plumbing material
Supply fuel and oil
Supply and maintenance of mobile toilets
Supply and delivery of stationery
Supply and delivery of loudhailers
Provide electrical , mechanical and plant hire services
Panel of 3 consulting engineers for the provision of technical support for period of 36 months
Co-ordination of media tour for Harry Gwala District Municipality
Supply, Delivery, Installation and Testing of Fire Suppression System at Kokstad Back Up
Supply, Delivery and Installation of ICT Equipment
Provision of Service as an Auctioneer HGDM
Co-ordinating of Media Tour
Emerging Contractors for the Construction of VIP Toilets at Various Wards in Umzimkhulu Municipality Labour Only
Supply and Delivery of Blankets and Mattresses for Disaster Management Incidents
Kwameyi Teekloof Water Supply Construction of 24km of 110mm-20mm Diameter Reticulation Network 380kl Prefabricated Water Storage Tank HGDM 617
Ixopo Mariathal Esperenza Water Supply Reticulation Construction of 21.690km Internal Bulk and Village Reticulation Infrastructure and Communal Standpipes HGDM 598
Horseshoe Sanitation Construction of 200-160mm Diameter X 3km Long UPVC Sewer Reticulation Pipeline Including Conversion of 325 VIP Toilets to Waterborne Sanitation at Horseshoe Area E HGDM608